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Miracle … what more can I say …

One of my favorite phone calls is to hear an excited mom or dad letting me know they are on their way to the hospital to witness their own miracle…  this time it was my brother and his darling wife.  I will NEVER get tired of witnessing this miracle.  I swear I look at these pictures for hours on end after I edit them.    It’s the MOST AMAZING THING!   Do you think they’d let me just camp out at the hospital to take pictures lol … Congrats you guys, he’s absolutely perfect!  (The slideshow does have music to it, so if you don’t want to hear it, turn down your volume or device).

Amber - So wonderful! Please tell them congratulations for me! Such an amazing thing to have captured in pictures. Beautiful.

It’s the time of year … Graduation!

The weather is warming up and it’s time to start thinking about graduation/ senior pictures … and what a great way to start off the season … with this hunk!  I knew this kid when he was just a little boy and it’s so fun to see the people they grow up to be!  I can’t believe how fast the time really does fly.  Congrats Mr Cheney … the world awaits!  Enjoy it:)


Little Sweet Pea

Remember this new arrival?  Well, she is another day older (actually 9 days older) and still cute as a button!  And look at those beautiful parents????  She has been a good little bug and given them lots of rest (lucky them!).  To spend a couple hours cooing and gushing over a new baby is heavenly, the pictures are just an added bonus!  Thanks again, you guys, she sure is a sweet little thing.