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They’ve got SPIRIT!

The darling girls from Orion Junior High’s cheer squad meet with me to get their team pictures done … oh to be young and have their energy!  lol ~ What beautiful girls they are, inside and out!  Best of luck on a great year girls!

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Coach Libby - Thank you so much for taking such great care of my team! I love all of the pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

Secret Farms and Country Kids …

So … you have seen this family once or twice on my blog;)I love them… they are such a fun group to shoot, so when Miss A called and asked me if we could meet at a secret farm to shoot, I was ALL in!!!!  So after turning off the paved road and heading down a tree lined path we came out into a gorgeous opening with an abandoned house, fences, and a barn OH MY!  Throw in the cutest kids in town and we are SURE to get some good portraits.  Thanks for the fun adventure ~ we’ll see ya next time!

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Miracle in the making ….

This amazing mother is getting ready to welcome another beautiful child into this world, and she could not glow more!  Such a wonderful thing to capture this moment in the life of yourself and your children, no matter how un-glorious you feel at the time … you SHINE!  Thanks so much letting me capture this memory and I can’t wait to see your new little one!

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The Love of Family is Life’s Biggest Blessing!

This beautiful group meet with me a week or so ago (I forgot to “publish” the sneak peek on the blog lol).  Getting these big groups together can be a real chore with schedules and weather but when they do I think they deserve two huge thumbs up for making it happen!  What a great bunch!  With looming rain clouds we were able to get some beautiful lighting and capture a lot of love. Thanks for getting together … you guys are awesome!

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