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My Heart Strings = tugged!

I am a country girl.  There is a very special place in my heart for animals, especially horses.  When I photograph an animal there is something so pure about their eyes.  The eyes are always a focus for me in photographs and animals have such pure eyes.  They let you right into their soul.  I had the amazing opportunity to meet with some wonderful women today to witness the tender moments they share with their animals.  What a joy to watch … I can’t wait until we have our own.  Thank you for letting me come and share in your love!

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Vintage Anniemations

I had a shoot last night and because of the beautiful rain showers the lighting was gorgeous.  So I decided to head out without my big OCF equipment.  It was such a fun time to go back to my old style of shooting where it was just me and my camera.  So I am calling these vintage Anniemations because of the feel of them.  It felt great to have the freedom of limited equipment.  What a fun time and what a beautiful LADY!  I can’t believe these beauties and how the world doesn’t know what’s coming!  Look out … here they come!

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The best part of one’s life consists of friendships ~ Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever met someone that you know wasn’t by chance?  Well this lovely young lady is one of those.  She is my assistant.  I have had so much fun this last month being able to photograph the lovely ladies that work with me (and their families).  Miss Shelby is such a blessing in my life (and my business!)  I am so humbled to have her as a friend and as an assistant.  Sure has made my life easier ;) thanks for all you do Shelby … love ya!

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