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In this crazy mixed up world it is SO nice to know that your kids have good friends!  And even nicer to know that those friends have great families :) My daughter is BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with this darling little lady and I am considering her very lucky.  They are two peas in a pod and I think they are a great bunch!   They, like me, have waited a while to have their family pictures taken and I am so glad they got them done (and you’ll be glad to know that we did too recently!)  I know it’s not an easy task to get everyone ready and happy lol … you guys are darling and make sure to check FAMILY PICTURES off your list ;)


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Little Men

Whenever I get to hang out with little men, I am reminded how different they are from my little ladies.  Isn’t it crazy how they each come with the “know how”!  So much fun ~ thanks for joining me for the night!  It’s great to see you guys.  On my way home I had to pull over and take a picture of the new Ogden LDS Temple and the amazing sky we had too!

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Secret Farms and Country Kids …

So … you have seen this family once or twice on my blog ;) I love them… they are such a fun group to shoot, so when Miss A called and asked me if we could meet at a secret farm to shoot, I was ALL in!!!!  So after turning off the paved road and heading down a tree lined path we came out into a gorgeous opening with an abandoned house, fences, and a barn OH MY!  Throw in the cutest kids in town and we are SURE to get some good portraits.  Thanks for the fun adventure ~ we’ll see ya next time!

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Cousin cuties

These darling  bunch of cousins met with me last night for a fun little shoot.  Aren’t they darling!?!?  So fun to see a bunch of kids who love each other (and two more cousins are on their way to join the bunch ~ lucky them!)  It was great to see you guys, you sure have adorable littles.

2573 copy2643 copy2729 copy2783 copy2799 copy

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