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All Grown Up ;)

My days of being a church youth leader are over (for now) but the joy of that calling continues on and on when I get to see these beautiful young women blossom and find love.  This beauty found her match and they are perfect.  Getting ready for a March wedding we headed out for a fun shoot, um … bicycle built for two!!!!!!!  Adorable!  You guys are awesome … here’s to the beginning of a beautiful life!


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Winter Wonderland

Winter can be beautiful, fun, and COLD!  Well this time … it was cold (ok, it was beautiful and fun too, but the biggest factor was COLD).  But this fun family got together on their way to further travels to get a picture taken together (have I mentioned how much I admire people for doing this?  It is NOT an easy task!)  Congrats on making it all work you guys!!!!!!  Have fun on your adventures!

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Winter Wedding Wonderland

12-13-14 was a fantastic day to get married!  My husband’s cousin did just that and it was a super fun day!  These two are made for each other … right down to their toes (or shall I say socks …)  I am so happy you guys each found your “somebody” and can’t wait to share more family fun with you throughout the years!  Find the images on FACEBOOK too!

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Family Gatherings

Just in case you thought I was lounging on the couch, sipping hot chocolate all holiday season ;) I will show ya what I have been up to!  With 4 sessions last week it was so fun to see all the families getting together for the holidays!  Some from all over the country to some just coming home for Christmas.  It’s a good reminder as to what is important this time of year, and always.  Here’s one sneak peek from each of the sessions last week … and stay tuned for a winter wedding too!

0628 copy1090 copy1204 copy9952 copy

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Yours and Mine <3

This darling family combined to make the cutest bunch of kiddos!  Look at that lucky little man … SEVEN big sisters to keep him in line ;)  It was great seeing you guys and you have the cutest little crew.  Enjoy your holidays!

7730 copy7778 copy7786 copy7797 copy7979 copy

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