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OH the confusion! My crazy brain… your fall leaves GAIN!

Well it looks like I jumped the gun!  I had checked the weather and it had said it was going to be nice all week, so when coupled with the fact that on MONDAY the leaves hadn’t changed I moved the meadow party to Oct. 2nd … BUT then comes a storm (yesterday) and I woke up this morning to fantastic color!  Are you kidding!?!?  I was going to just leave things as they are, as I don’t want to cause any more confusion, but I would hate for people to miss out on the color because they couldn’t make it to the Oct. 2nd party …. SO~ I took me and my girls up to the meadow to check it out AND they are beautiful!  Ugh!  So I am opening the meadow portrait party back up for Saturday!  I am SORRY I am such a crazy person (let’s just blame this on the pregnancy!)

So:  If you have registered for either of the parties … this Saturday or Oct. 2nd … you now have another decision to make!

Both parties will be at the MEADOW WITH FALL COLORS ….

*If you are registered you are guaranteed your “spot back” for Saturday.  If you’d rather come on Oct. 2nd I can keep you there … OH MY … OH MY!

*If you got a spot at the Oct. 2nd party from the waiting list you can keep it on Oct. 2nd time guaranteed or request a Sept. 18th date (without guaranty).

*If you wanted to come to the fall party but hadn’t registered yet (for either day) register and we’ll find you a spot (as we have now doubled the days!)

I will be making phone calls, sending emails and checking with everyone to make sure they are happy with this!  I am so sorry for all the extra work.

If you wouldn’t mind filling out the following form if you fall under ANY of the categories above I would LOVE you!  (Well I already do, but I will love you MORE!)

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