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In this crazy mixed up world it is SO nice to know that your kids have good friends!  And even nicer to know that those friends have great families:)My daughter is BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with this darling little lady and I am considering her very lucky.  They are two peas in a pod and I think they are a great bunch!   They, like me, have waited a while to have their family pictures taken and I am so glad they got them done (and you’ll be glad to know that we did too recently!)  I know it’s not an easy task to get everyone ready and happy lol … you guys are darling and make sure to check FAMILY PICTURES off your list;)


It’s what FUN is!

I have had the pleasure of photographing this darling family for years now and I love them more and more each time!  This time we met up at Lagoon for a FUN family session.  Love you guys!  And wooooeeeee fall has been busy!  It doesn’t look like it will slow down much either.  To top off the busy-ness of the season my external hard drive died (luckily I backed up all the files) but it put my editing back even farther!  SO~ if you are waiting for your images … be patient with me … I am trying to catch up and adding more fun sessions every few days!  Feels good to be back at it:)

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Little Men

Whenever I get to hang out with little men, I am reminded how different they are from my little ladies.  Isn’t it crazy how they each come with the “know how”!  So much fun ~ thanks for joining me for the night!  It’s great to see you guys.  On my way home I had to pull over and take a picture of the new Ogden LDS Temple and the amazing sky we had too!

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The Amazing Raise 2014

I spent a GREAT weekend celebrating my beautiful home … Ogden Valley … at the AMAZING RAISE hosted by the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley.   With great non-profits, fabulous food by local vendors and an amazing location, the “new” Nordic Valley.  With a wonderful community of people and the schools support it was a fantastic event.  Find a way to support your local community!!!!!