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Oh the Places SHE’LL Go!

What is better than having AWESOME neighbors?????  Having them be family!  This is my husband’s cousin (I am totally claiming her as my own) and our darling neighbor (it’s so awesome living so close to family).  She is getting ready to head out into the great big world as a high school graduate!  She’ll make this world a better place, I am sure of it!  I did a shame-less plug for my DOODLIDOS by adding one of my latest prints to her sneak peek … sneaky indeed!  Check out the fun going on with those RIGHT NOW over at Zulily.  Congrats Lynzi, you are beautiful inside and out!



Class of 2014

We got together for a client hosted portrait party … and party we did!  What can be more fun than getting graduation pictures with your best buddies (I am SURE best buddies is a very uncool way to talk about a group of HS Senior boys, but hey … I’m an oldie now, lol).  These young men have their amazing futures ahead of them and what a great way to celebrate then with the whole crew.  Congrats to these fellas, enjoy it!

If you are interested in hosting your own portrait party find out more HERE!

Also, find these handsome guys on FB too!


Waiting on baby …

This darling couple is getting ready to welcome their first baby … wait … they have a four legged baby (and just lost another one) … but they have their first human baby on it’s way … a little lady that will be loved and cherished.  Momma is just glowing and couldn’t be prettier with her baby bump.  Congrats you two … I can’t wait to see what adventures little Miss K brings you!

Spring time … love is in the air!

This darling couple welcomed spring with their wedding … or maybe their wedding welcomed spring!  Either way, it was beautiful!  I love seeing such happy couples begin their life together … love is definitely in the air.  Congrats you two … enjoy the journey!